The thanksgiving curse..

Been a pretty quiet couple of months around here. Since Sophie is on her daily Chemo at home and only has to do her spinal taps and infusions every three months, things are pretty relaxed for the time being. That is, up until a couple of days ago..

One year ago, on thanksgiving, she was taken to the ER for a high fever. I’m thinking this might be an annual thing because the evening of this thanksgiving, 2 days ago, she developed a high grade fever that landed her back in the ER again this year.

The fever was 102 at its highest, eventually giving her shakes and she also developed some breathing trouble. She was officially diagnosed with ‘reactive airway disease’ brought on by a respiratory infection. Sounds worse than it is, I suppose. They gave her a nebulizer (fancy breathing machine) along with some Albuterol for her breathing. She has to do that every four hours and then take a daily steroid (prednislone) as well.

Unfortunately, the fever persisted into today and she had to be re-admitted in to the ER for the second day in a row.. That magic number of 101 degrees.. 101.7, actually.. Damn you, 101.

Anyhow, we just got out. Waiting to hear back from the doctor at Children’s Hospital, but we can at least get her some Motrin to get the fever down now and with any luck, this will just run it’s course and be done with. We shall see..