If you would like to donate, simply click the link below. You decide the amount you would like to give, and you can choose the method of payment (PayPal, credit/debit card, e-check or bank transfer)

All funds will go DIRECTLY to the Valdez family and donated funds will be used to help with treatments, medical bills and living expenses.


Thank You 🙂


9 thoughts on “Donate

      • Goodness, Thank you so much JR. It really means a lot. I truly appreciate it. and as far as the work goes, thank you for the compliment. if you ever see something you like on the website, shoot me a line and ill ship it to you (provided i have it in stock) . Thanks again! 🙂

      • Wish I could attend the benefit shows. Thank you fer yer generous offer of merchandise from yer bizness. Not necessary at this point. Hope to meet you and Sophie at some point in the future; like maybe her high school graduation.

        Keep up the good werk and I gotta feeling the darkest days are behind you and your family.

  1. Figure I woulda gone to concert tonight if I was down that way. Hope this helps. I’ll drop by the shop next time I’m in Pueblo to say hello.


  2. Mo, Just had a fellow refund money for a rekkerd I ordered that he didn’t ship. So, he refunded the $ and is sending the disc. I told him I would donate the $20. Hope all is well.


  3. Damn, if Blank Tape did’nt just send me a free CD. As is my custom I donate the price of free CDs to local folks who could use a hand. Sure hope it helps.

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